Top 3 Websites for Bodyweight Workouts


Stuck at home, can’t make it to the gym, but desperate for a good workout?

(Or maybe you had too many cupcakes and aren’t exactly dying for a workout, but know you need one…been there!)

A lot people are afraid to workout at home because they don’t have a dedicated space or equipment. But the truth is, you can get an amazing, TOUGH workout in just doing bodyweight exercises with no equipment at all. Which means there are officially no more excuses!!

1. Greatist

They always have good stuff, from workouts to nutrition to health info. Here’s a workout you can try today:

The 30-Minute, Glute-Building Bodyweight Workout from Greatist

2. Popsugar

Popsugar has tons of workouts and healthy recipes. Here’s a list of printable bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere:

The Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workouts You Need to Know from Popsugar

3. Zuzka Light

Zuzka offers awesome youtube video workouts, many of which just use your bodyweight or household objects. But the workouts are definitely not easy…just FYI… 😉

I’ll be posting more of my own workouts in the coming days and weeks so my clients and friends can always find a great workout to do on their own. Stay tuned!


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